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Our Pooja Services



Ganesh Puja, Navaratri Puja, SatyaNarayan Puja, etc


Bhajans & Kirthans

Sunderkand Sangeetmay, Sangeetmy Ramayan etc



Ganapati Homa, Sudarshana Homa, Danvanthri Homa etc


Shradha Karma

Which has to be performed yearly after the death of a person

About Us

Sripuja.in provides all types to puja in Hindi and sanskrit to ensure that your religious and ceremonial are done. From performing of a wide range of Pujas and conducting the entire process.
We value your needs to make the ceremony sacred and faultless and strive to make that happen for you. We understand the emotional quotient attached to what we aim to offer and contentment of our customer is undoubtedly our priority.
I am Pt. Subodh Pandey, currently residing in Bangalore, India. I have keen interest in all kind of Puja and have a very good knowledge in the same. I have got experience in performing puja and other anusthan. I have 10 years experience on same. I perform puja, Gruha Pravesham, Shaadi Vivah Manglik Karyakram, Sathya Narayan Vrat Katha, Rudra Abhisekh, Maha Mrutyunjay Jap, Gruha Shanti, Durga Pujan, Kalsarpdosh Niwaran and other anusthan. You can contact me for any below mentioned puja and anusthan.

Bihari Pandit in Bangalore

Bihari Pandit in Bangalore

They look for professional and experienced Bihari Pandit who is well-aware of the rituals, customs and traditions that are followed in Bihar. If you are one of them looking for professional, experienced and skilled Bihari Pandit, you have come at the right place – at Sri Puja – a one stop reliable place to get all your pujas performed at home and in the same way that are done in your home town in Bihar.

You have to give us a call or send us a mail and invite experienced Pandit to get the Puja done on time and in perfect way.

A good number of people from the beautiful state of Bihar are living in everywhere and in different cities in surrounding areas.

We have a team of pundits, who are organizing Puja and leave no stone unturned in making the even memorable.

Feel free to contact and invite professional Bihari Pandit.

Bihari Pandit in Bangalore


Homa, Yagya Karma, Puja, Havan, Shanti Path, Griha Pravesh, etc., are different rituals that are performed by people before starting any work or entering a new home or office. What often increase their worries in there location is difficulty in finding Hindi Pandit Bangalore, who can get these rituals and Pujas done in Hindi and according to the rituals followed by Yajman’s home town.

If you are one of them looking for Hindi Pandit for any Puja or Havan, Shanti Path or anything else, you have come at the right place. Sri Puja is a one stop reliable platform fulfilling your to invite professional and experienced Hindi Pandit.

Sri Puja – An Ideal Place to Invite Hindi Pandit

For people from North India, who are seeking Hindi Pandit anywhere in surrounding suburbs, Sri Puja has the right solutions to fulfill their desire. We are a web-based platform providing you with attractive packages for Puja and all religious as well as ceremonial needs.

Whether you are looking for arrangements of a wide array of Pujas, looking for ceremonies and need an experienced professional for Havan, you will find the right professionals here in a few clicks.

We are available 24×7 and reaching us is far easier either by giving a call or sending a mail.

Different Pujas and Rituals Performed by Hindi Pandit

We are here to provide you Handi Pandit for all Pujas and rituals like:

  • Rudrabhishek Puja, Griha Pravesh Puja
  • Satyanarayan Puja, Vara Mahalakshmi Puja
  • Ganesha Chaturthi Puja, Maha Ganapati Puja
  • Homa, Namakaran Puja
  • Office/Business Opening

Feel free to contact us either by giving a call or sending a mail and you will get quick response

Indians believe in Afterlife. Life is a gracious aspect of Indian civilization. Yama, or the deity of death, comes to human beings and takes away the spirit. Geeta, the sacred book of Hinduism, says that the Atman or the soul resides inside the body and takes it up as a costume.

You Can find our latest puja photo below :-

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Why one must get the best person for afterlife rituals

Death is nothing but the Atman shedding the costume and entering into another outfit, which is getting a reincarnation or rebirth. Such a belief is also present in other religious texts like the Quran of Muslims, the Zend abesta of Persians, and the doctrines and teachings of Gautama Buddha Siddhartha.

As Indians believe in Afterlife, the last rite rituals are very vital for any Indian household. The previous rite rituals convey homage and patent to the spirit who pass away to the world unknown by man. Every detail or activity done in the last right is codified thousands and thousands of years ago, and they are maintained with sacred and holy measures.

Effects of Mantras & Prayers

The mantras or the prayers offered during the last right rituals and activities mentions that the person is not dead but is now a Traveller in the afterworld, where he will pass the holy waters and knock at the godly doors for acceptance.

This last rite ritual done by the dead person’s immediate successor is thus a prayer to the Gods to accept the spirit and give him prosperity and peace in the Afterlife for whatever he had done in the life he had passed. Therefore, the last write ritual is an essential aspect of Indian belief and household.

Getting a Pandit for the last rite ritual in Bangalore is now possible through online websites. The Purohit for the last rite in Bangalore must have the experience and ability to perform this ritual in the best manner so that the person deceased can get peace in the Afterlife.

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